Image of One Cool Thread

One Cool Thread

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  • Light Purple - $0.50
  • Green - $0.50
  • Blue - $0.50
  • Yellow - $0.50
  • Red - $0.50
  • Pink - $0.50
Choose an option

Choose your color thread!

You can only choose thread color for INITIALS ONLY!

How to choose your color:
1. Add the bag to your cart with the INITIAL selected from the drop down menu.
2. Choose your thread color from this drop down menu


Things to note:
* Due to different screen resolutions the color may have slight variations.
* You can only choose ONE color PER bag. If you want two bags the same color you only need to add the one color to your cart.
* The default color thread for the One Cool Pup (both sizes including One Cool Pup Custom) and One Cool Black Custom (both sizes) is PINK.
* The default color thread for the One Cool Custom Pink is METALLIC GOLD

If there are multiple colors in your cart we will reach out to you and clarify which colors go on each bag.