The One Cool Makeup Bag™ Story

One Cool Makeup Bag™ is the brainchild of David Mitchell, CEO of the company. David was also the founder of what also became Wilhite Solar Solutions. David’s daughters should also get credit for the product because when they were required to first carry lipstick as young adults, they complained that too many times their makeup became unusable in the hot southern climate. The makeup bag is the culmination of work to address this issue – and more!

David, always the inquisitive problem solver, first suggested his daughters should carry a small ice chest. This was certainly not their solution of choice, and David worked on the problem for several years, but never really successfully solved the problem to their satisfaction.

The One Cool Makeup Bag™ was not the first product David and members of the group that brought the product to market developed. DM&M Distributing, LLC, the entity behind One Cool Makeup Bag™, members had separately worked on other projects, but never all together. Previous endeavors included, products specific to marketing, events and event management and most recently a successful solar marketing and installation entity, which only became less viable because the State was no longer financially able to continue tax incentives that encouraged environmentally sensitive energy solutions.

When the Louisiana solar boom lost momentum in 2015, David looked for a new revenue stream. So David and Mike Davis, another founder and partner, approached others about this venture. Marion Marks was the partner who systematically addressed a solution to the problem with pragmatic scientific analysis based on David’s concept. Marion used business connections to research small bags that might be suitably adapted to meet the needs of the project.

Several manufacturers of small bags were contacted along with suppliers of countless materials whose products were evaluated. And from the basic concept, prototypes were developed by three separate manufacturers that were capable of building a suitable product. Five generations of prototype bags resulted in the current product which truly is unique!

What makes One Cool Makeup Bag™ additionally unique is that the marketing of the product is structured specifically as a fundraiser for non-profits. Every focus group that evaluated samples and the concept made it clear that the One Cool Makeup Bag™ price point should be much higher than the existing price. Suggested retail for the larger bag in the focus groups was between $40 and $50 (even higher for customized materials or zipper pulls), and the smaller bag only ten dollars less. But David believed that a universally valuable accessory for women would gain quicker and wider acceptance only if the price were to remain no greater than the $25 level.

With One Cool Makeup Bag™ non-profits have a valuable resource — at no cost to them — that will help fulfill their mission.

Historically successful businesses and non-profits have been the result of one or more dedicated idealists with common beliefs that the status quo was unacceptable, and that individually or together group ideas allow people to facilitate change by bringing a new product or service into being. Much of this is similar to the concept of an MBA formula, which is also relatively modern. And many graduate school MBA programs have traditionally been known for cookie-cutter templates that guide idealists along a path to bring original concepts to market. However, but more often, too many MBA programs create mechanisms for taking the work of other less organized entrepreneurs to market and allow middle-level functionaries to benefit from other’s original concepts.

Understanding that dreamers are all too often long on ideas, but too often short on big-picture business and funding, the One Cool Makeup Bag™ creates a path for worthy non-profits to succeed without having any great risk. So, we begin the journey of birthing a profitable non-profit with the introduction of a low-cost and very usable product that a large citizen base can appreciate.